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SOL Retreat 2019 Registration

Thank you for your interest at SOL, our registration has reached its capacity, any further registration will be placed in our waiting list.

Attention: This year's camp fee does not include dinner meals.

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Financial Assistance
Financial aid is available to those who demonstrates financial need. Do you need financial assistance? If so, please let us know why.
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Accommodation Request
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Would you like to be a volunteer at SOL Retreat 2019 ? *
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 Yes, GM Team
 Yes, Children Ministry
 Not at this time.   
Monday Evening Dinner
Every year, some of the campers will have casual dinner together on Monday night. If the dinner is going to take place along MassPike (East bound), would you be interested to join? *
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Whom we preach, warning every man, and teaching every man in all wisdom; that we may present every man perfect in Christ Jesus.

我 們 傳 揚 他 , 是 用 諸 般 的 智 慧 , 勸 戒 各 人 , 教 導 各 人 , 要 把 各 人 在 基 督 裡 完 完 全 全 的 引 到 神 面 前 。

- Colossians 歌 羅 西 書 1:28 -