About Us

Statement of Faith

We believe in

  1. One God, the Creator of heaven and earth, exists eternally in three Persons; the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
  2. The sixty-six canonical books of the bible as originally written were inspired of God, hence free from error. They constitute the only infallible guide in faith and practice.
  3. Man, created in the image of God, and that our first parents, having been tempted by Satan, rebelled against God, and have sinned and fallen; because of this the whole human race has been sin-stricken and has thus lost its spiritual life. From this condition man can be saved only by the grace of God, through faith, on the basis of the work of Christ, and by the agency of the Holy Spirit.
  4. Jesus Christ that the Lord Jesus Christ was conceived by the Holy Spirit, was born of the Virgin Mary, and bled and died for the sins of all men, crucified as a ransom upon the cross; He was buried in the grave, rose up from the dead on the third day, ascended to heaven, and sits at the right hand of God, having finished the marvelous work of redemption. Hence, He is perfect Deity and true humanity united in one person forever.
  5. Complete dependence upon the person of the Holy Spirit for teaching, guidance, witnessing and sanctification.
  6. Second coming that the Lord Jesus Christ will come to this earth again at the end of time to judge in righteousness the living and the dead, and those who believe in the Lord will resurrect to gain eternal life, whereas those who do not believe will suffer eternal punishment.

Whom we preach, warning every man, and teaching every man in all wisdom; that we may present every man perfect in Christ Jesus.

我 們 傳 揚 他 , 是 用 諸 般 的 智 慧 , 勸 戒 各 人 , 教 導 各 人 , 要 把 各 人 在 基 督 裡 完 完 全 全 的 引 到 神 面 前 。

- Colossians 歌 羅 西 書 1:28 -