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One of Rev. Enoch Lam's strengths is his unique delivery of gospel messages in a vivid, humorous way, which has become his signature! All the gospel stand-up comedies Rev. Enoch performed had drawn wide attention from both believers and non-believers. His performance and gospel messages have impressed his audiences immensely. He is now targeting at youth. Rev. Enoch deeply believes that "Got youth! Got the future!", which mobilizes him to work hard in equipping young Christians, and spread the Gospel among youth communities. And he had been invited to become one of the spokesmen in the 14th Baptist Youth World Conference, which was organized by the Baptist World Alliance in Hong Kong in August 2004. In July 2006, Pastor Enoch Lam was one of the speakers participated in the "Workshop for Evangelists" in the 7th Chinese Congress on World Evangelization.

In order to reach out to people from all walks of life, Rev. Enoch not only carries out the duties of being the Pastor of Crossroad Community Baptist Church (, but also features in television and radio programs. Rev. Enoch has participated in numerous gospel films and television evangelical shows. He has also released various albums and books in the past.

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