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Previous SOL Retreats

Date:Oct 12th - Oct 14th, 2013
Camp site:Incarnation Conference Center
SOL 2013
深不可測的愛 Unfathomable Love!



Date:Oct 8th - Oct 10th, 2011
Camp site:Incarnation Conference Center
SOL 2011



Date:Oct 9th - Oct 11th, 2010
Camp site:Evangelical Christian Center, CT
SOL 2010
不一樣的生命 – 麥子‧希望‧真理


隨著人生經歷不斷豐富、生命變得越趨成熟的時候,我們往往發覺同樣遞增著的是生命中各種裂痕和瑕疵。 在人生一帆風順的時候,或許這些裂痕的存在會比較容易被忽略過去。只是,當遇上艱難的考驗、挑戰或苦難時,它們便會顯露出來,並使我們的生命因此而不能健康地成長;就如質素較差的草地往往會長出雜草,阻礙著好草的生長,導致好草逐漸枯萎,甚至死亡。究竟,你和我又如何在這歪曲的時代裡站立得穩呢?

SOL 2009
Theme:點解? WHY?
Description: 昨日。今日。明日。過去。現在。將來。


人特別喜歡於這些處境和逆境中問「點解」; 但我們如何問準問題?如何從不同層面去回顧過去,了解問題的核心、社會的盲點,以及所顯露的人性真面目呢?


作為有盼望、有異象的群體,基督徒又會怎樣一起步向未來?有些會見步行步、邊行邊回應;有些會先知先覺、作時代的先知;更有些會主動創路、 積極裝備下一代...

Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow. Past. Present. Future.

The gloomy global economy has become the backdrop of our daily life since last year. It has been affecting our lives immensely and worsening various social problems.

People are apt to ask “why” during hard times. However, are we really asking the right questions? Have we looked at the past with different perspectives? How do we understand the core of the problems and the blind spot of the society, as well as the human nature revealed?

Under the global influence, how do we position ourselves in an ever-changing society? How do we interpret and respond to different challenges here and now?

As a community with hope and vision, how will Christians embrace the future and walk toward the unknown together?
Speaker:Rev. Dr. Willy Kwong Ng
Date:Oct 10 - 12, 2009
Camp site:Evangelical Christian Center, CT

Speaker:Rev. Enoch Lam
Date:Oct 11 - 13, 2008
Camp site:Evangelical Christian Center, CT
SOL 2008
Unlike many parts of the underdeveloping world, we live in a society where choices is a luxury. Some of these choices are not so black and white and some of which are of great temptation. The choices that we make come with consequences which be a turning point in our lives.

Speaker:Dr. Daniel Ng
Date:Oct 6 - 8, 2006
Camp site:Rumney Bible Conference, NH
SOL 2007
Theme: Google Heaven and Earth
Why am I here? Is there a point? Life seems so unpredictable and fragile. What answers does the world provide? In the world around us, do we see God around? Or is our culture totally disconnected with God. This camp will explore how Chinese Culture interacts with God, and focus on Feng Shui, Superstitious, Chinese Culture and Folk Religion.

Speakers:Dr. Daniel Wu
Date:Oct 7 - 9, 2006
Camp site:Rumney Bible Conference, NH
SOL 2006
Theme: The Prophesied Era
What scripture passages talk about the end-times? When are the end of days? Why is there pain and suffering in this world? Are they the plan of God? If God loves us and He is all powerful, why does He allow things like the tsunami, Hurricane Katrina, and earthquakes to happen? Is pain and suffering the work of evil?

Speakers:Rev. Timothy Tam
Date:Oct 8 - 10, 2005
Camp site:Camp Berea - Hebron, NH
SOL 2005
Weary we may get about our numbered days, Like a breeze chasing amidst the desert's quenching heat. Journey into Camp Berea and experience the Lord's goodness; Attending to His sweet whisper, a delicacy for the weak and meek. Alike the morning sunset we will then dawn, Lifted up by His gracious Word and omnipotent Hand; Forever lavished in His rest, anchoring steadfast in His love.

Speakers:Dr. Jay Lam (AKA Uncle Jay)
Date:Oct 9 - 11, 2005
Camp site:Alton Bay - Alton Bay, NH
SOL 2004
For some people, their focus in life consists of the enjoyment of food and pleasures. Happiness to them may mean having a happy family, many friends, an excellent report card, a stable dating relationship or holding a great job. However, we have tried all of these and yet none of them seems to be enough in life. In addition, it seems that there are moments in life when we will face disappointments, failures in school or at work, the pain of broken relationships and even illnesses or the death of loved ones. If so then what is life really about? Is there really a happiness that could be everlasting?

Speakers:Rev. Dr Willy Kwong Ng
Date:Oct 10 - 12, 2003
Camp site:Grotonwood - Groton, MA
SOL 2003
Two Churches and a fellowship got together to brainstorm activities for college and career group in Boston. It has become the joint camp activity among the Greater Boston Chinese Churches. Boston Chinese Church of Saving Grace, Chinese Church of Grace in Malden, and Northeastern University Chinese Christian Fellowship were the participating churches and fellowship. As we are many parts but we are one body. Through this retreat we had the opportunity to work together in one body.

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